Finest teaware, finessed to perfection.

Whole Leaf

Tea leaves unfold to bequeath the exquisite range of Blacks, Greens, Whites and Oolongs.


The wholesomeness of tea leaves, captured in pyramid teabags.


Give your loved ones, the gifts they can indulge in.

Why people
choose us?

To experience teas which embody
purity, exclusivity and unparalleled

From the Blog

A small change in the pantry, and 100% change in life

“Just too many options. I’m confused about what to order”, I tell my roommateas I skim through the menu at the pizzeria in the city mall for the 10th time.“Let’s order both”, she says ending my last 15 minutes of confusion between pepperoni pizza and spicy chicken ranch. Yes, that’s right.

The secret ingredient you can’t see in your tea.

I have been a tea aficionado for only a couple of years now. So I forgive myself the folly of thinking that good tea was made from finely grown tealeaves, precision in factories and equipment, right temperatures for steaming and drying, perfect rolling techniques, airtight packaging and timely delivery.



The word of masters

At the end of a long day, I can always count on a mug full of Spearmint Green Tea to restore my spirits. It's balance of subtle flavor and rich aroma refresh both my mind and my taste buds. This Spearmint Green Tea also pairs well with a good book and a bar of dark chocolate.

- Frank, Denver USA

So grateful I decided to try the Reeti White Tea is my favorite so far. I like the tea so much I’m encouraging others to try it out. A sweet, delicious way to start one’s day, and/or a great way to take a mindful moment enjoying a cup of natural yumminess.

- Bari Morchower