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Give your loved ones, the gifts they can indulge in.

Whole Leaf

Tea leaves unfold to bequeath the exquisite range of Blacks, Greens, Whites and Oolongs.


The wholesomeness of tea leaves, captured in pyramid teabags.


Finest teaware, finessed to perfection.

Soul of the Monk


We curate just what you seek from tea -
Energy, Detox, Relax, Glow and


With each cup of tea you drink, we
create a small difference in
the lives of plantation workers.


Collaboration with Rainforest Alliance and
Fairtrade certified plantations, as our
share of environmental, social & economic

Why people
choose us?

To experience teas which embody
purity, exclusivity and unparalleled

From the Blog

The Single Most Important Thing on Valentine’s Day

If you’re living in the real world (and by that I mean surrounded by media), you’ve been hit on the head repeatedly that Valentine’s Day is but a few days away.(And that you must buy this or that because that is exactly the right way to show love.)While Valentine’s Day may be a point of high excitementfor those who look forward to surprises from partner by means of gifts, mind-blowing dates or maybe even a ring, we know that it is also a day of dejection for the unpartnered.

Teamonk Global at World Food India

The Food Street at World Food India was abuzz with hectic activity.
Spread over 4000 sqm near India Gate, the best of international and Indian cuisine was on display. Tasting counters showcasing the great culinary variation that India had to offer, live cook-ins and demonstrations by celebrity chefs generated excitement amongst the guests.



The word of masters

I stumbled upon Teamonk while googling for mint teas. The Kozan Spearmint and Seiki Peppermint Green Teas are my favourites and are now a part of my daily routine. Apart from the many cups I have during the day, I absolutely need one just before bed at night. It's my mantra for blissful sleep.

- Saiyona, Bangalore, India

At the end of a long day, I can always count on a mug full of Spearmint Green Tea to restore my spirits. It's balance of subtle flavor and rich aroma refresh both my mind and my taste buds. This Spearmint Green Tea also pairs well with a good book and a bar of dark chocolate.

- Frank, Denver USA

So grateful I decided to try the Reeti White Tea is my favorite so far. I like the tea so much I’m encouraging others to try it out. A sweet, delicious way to start one’s day, and/or a great way to take a mindful moment enjoying a cup of natural yumminess.

- Bari Morchower