How green tea can help you lose weight?

Green tea for weight loss, White Tea & Black Tea for Health
Tea is venerated, cherished and loved by folks all across the world. It is always said that if you’re not a tea drinker by now, then you should become one. Tea is a primeval and one of the most natural beverages of our world. With the help of innovations in the tech world, it is discovered that your average cup of tea contains a lot more benefits than you would have thought of, especially green tea. Green tea is widely considered the healthiest assortment in the tea industry.

So, why is green tea considered so special?

Its numerous health and lifestyle benefits, and a smooth and enticing taste with easy availability is making this drink more and more popular throughout the world. People on the higher side of weighing scale can consume green tea for weight loss, as it is clinically proven to raise metabolism and accelerate fat oxidation. Green tea contains a compound called epigallocatechin gallate, which significantly speeds up weight loss by boosting the body’s metabolic rates. A higher metabolism means the body will free up the fat cells stored inside your body more efficiently and burn them up while converting them into energy. This will drastically reduce your stubborn belly fat, immensely aiding in the weight loss. Because of this, green tea is also known as the “weight loss tea” amongst the public and researchers.

Another asset of green tea is the high amount of polyphenols in it. Polyphenols are organic compounds made up of large amounts of phenol anatomical units. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants and prevent our cells from getting oxidised, thus ultimately preventing cell death. Through many studies, it’s also established that polyphenols help in preventing various fatal cardiovascular diseases, many types of cancers and acute osteoporosis in adults. The primary polyphenol present in green tea is catechin, which staggeringly helps in improving your long-term health. In particular, there are total 6 types of catechin compounds in green tea, of which epigallocatechin gallate (or EGCG) is the copious one, the major weight loss source inside green tea.

However, in spite of green tea being so beneficial for good health, many people are reluctant to switch to green tea for various reasons. The most common reason is the addiction to their previous favourite beverage, which generally is coffee or black tea. Caffeine present in these beverages is the primary reason for addiction, which is usually present in abundant amounts and is quite harmful in the long run. Another reason for their reluctance is the time it takes to show results. People mostly want fast results and shortcuts to having good health, but don’t realise that shortcuts usually lead to wrong destinations. The effects of green tea kick in after a prolonged use of approximately 3-4 weeks, during which many consumers give up and revert to their old unhealthy habits. They should understand that great health requires patience and a lot of hard work to achieve, and it can’t be gained in a day or two. Natural and organically produced green tea is surely much more beneficial than regular black tea or any other drink of that sort.

To sum up, there are more pros and almost no cons when you are making a switch to the healthier version of tea from your regular cuppa., So when are you starting? 

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