What’s In Thy Name

What’s In Thy Name

Teamonk - well to be honest the name bothered me from the beginning! Ever since we were first presented with the idea. I didn't quite see the fit. We were talking about a young affluent guy, taking the leap into the next biggest move of his life- fit, healthy, smart, contemporary and chic. Teamonk did not seem quite appropriate. On the contrary it gave me an impression of a guy who has already made it big - driving around in a Merc, almost ready to retire from the mundane chores of work and ready to take the leap to attain nirvana in the Himalayas. Nah! Teamonk would not appeal to my target group was my first reaction ever.

The name though, kept buzzing in my head. The idea just wouldn't leave me! That is where it had all begun - the Himalayas! The monk who took the idea of tea across to the world and spread it like gospel, almost like a way to reinvent your life, like a method to reengineer the way you live. There lied the very essence of what this quintessential drink is all about. Almost like renaissance, it had all begun from there. It was revolutionary in its essence and while in today’s day and age we might have our own interpretations of what this beverage means to us across the globe - in its multiple forms and avatars and even in just the way it is consumed. The essence is still the same. Tea delivers truly what the monks had envisaged it to be - a beverage for the soul.

And, while we all are consumed by our daily chores, the hustle- bustle, our achievements, our pride and all that we are meant to do there is still a monk inside each one of us seeking the solace, peace and humility. Just the way it was originally meant to be.

It almost fit in perfectly together. Teamonk, a rejected idea made more imminent sense than ever. It appealed like a gateway to head back to the basics amidst the chaos that surrounds us. Though in a modern, smart way! I must have said it a thousand times in the various presentations we have made ever since, we are talking to a monk - Yes! A monk with a Ferrari. A smart city dweller, an achiever, go getter, conscious of his lifestyle and the way he lives, what he consumes et al. Tea to him is personal, a means to connect within and join the dots of all the things life has to offer to him.

Well in a lot of ways not just connect, but catapult into something more meaningful, something more worth living for. Because he understands that when he is well connected inside, the world would be his oyster.

I had my answer. Teamonk was it! It truly encapsulated everything that tea would deliver and we would want it to. The spirit of everything that comes to us as a by-product of consuming this extraordinary beverage - Tea!

With every single cup of what we have got together in our teas makes us hope that there is someone out there who has felt a little better and given to the world around him a little more than what he would ordinarily give. Someone who has kindled the monk in him!

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