Tea, from being a bond creator and a stress-buster to the first thing to wake up to, it is simply the ‘love of life’ for some. Taking you closer to the ultimate bliss, we create the selection of the most invigorating and purest of the teas to complement your taste!

Welcome to Teamonk Global the choicest destination of the fraternitea the community of exquisite tea appreciators.

We completely understand the distinct taste of tea connoisseurs, and this is what inspires us to present to you exactly what you desire. Our teas are delicately handpicked by the tea experts from the tea gardens of Darjeeling, Nilgiris and Assam to add to the most unique experiences to your tea journey!

However, more often than not, this tender trait of the tea gets lost somewhere between getting picked, packed, and creating flavour in your cup. Just like all the good things in life, tea calls for equal care and nurturing when it is about maintaining the quality and its specialty.

So, this is exactly what we imply when we say ‘Teamonk Global – The Seal of Quality’. Our teas are curated through the rigorous procedure that ensures the maintenance of the excellence. The magic of our teas is such that it would be a treat to the tea lover in you with its distinct aroma and fresh taste. One cup is never enough!

Enroute your Cup
Our teas are grown in the natural, organic and pristine tea plantations. The tea leaves are plucked by the practiced hands of tea pluckers just at the right moment, they are then processed by master artisans with proficiency and love. Once the processing is done, the tea is packaged by professional craftsmen who are precisely efficient at keeping the freshness unbroken.

A lot of deep thought, expertise, and efforts are put together to create teas that not only taste great while drinking, but also leave long-lasting and magical after taste. The taste of our teas lingers for longer than you can expect!

In fact, our expert tea tasters taste every single tea to avow the aroma, colour, appearance, and taste, before these get shipped to you. This is the commitment we have towards maintaining the high standards of Teamonk Global, because only then, you will be able to take delight in each sip!

Teamonk Global – The Seal of Quality
To maintain the quality in the whole range of our exquisite, natural and purest of specialty teas is nothing less than our brand philosophy. We hope you enjoy them in your palate as much as we love to curate them for you.

Let our teas straight to your cup and do the talking.