The Teamonk Story

It is said that a Buddhist monk was resting under a tree and accidentally a drop of leaf fell into his drink making it taste delicious. In a moment of epiphany, he discovered Tea. much like Newton invented gravity! Only, more important. Buddhist monks have been drinking tea ever since to help them stay awake during long periods of meditation. But it is entirely possible, that tea also helps in a spiritual awakening of sorts.

But more times than not, this tranquil quality is lost somewhere in its journey from the gardens to your cup of tea. Like all good things, a good tea needs the utmost care and nurturing to bring out its best quality. And this is what we strive to bring to you at Teamonk.

Our teas are grown in beautiful pockets in the land of spirituality, India. The earth is organic and the air, pristine. The tea leaves are plucked at the precise moment of readiness by the loving and practiced hands of our tea pluckers. The leaves are processed with great precision by master artisans.

The processed tea is packaged by craftsmen whose only job is to keep its freshness intact. And this is the tea that is delivered to you in record time.

Our Practices