Unparalleled experience of purity

We believe you should taste every single ingredient in your finely crafted tea, and hence no more than one natural ingredient is blended with our completely fresh and pure teas if at all.

We're too picky

Our 40 years of tea expertise makes us reject almost everything. Our curation process is tiresome (for the tea gardens), but the intense iterative process ensures that you will have the perfect tea experience complete with perfect colour, flavour and aroma.

Our teas are our own

Unless it’s you who wants to own it.
We’re no aggregators. And the fine teas that we curate and craft from the exclusive tea gardens are ours alone. And that means the cup of Teamonk tea you’re drinking cannot be sourced from anyone else.

Is that a box of tea? Is that a prayer wheel?

It’s both. We believe soulful teas need to be packaged in soulful ways. So if you want to keep our signature prayer wheel boxes for meditative purposes long after your tea’s gone, you are exactly the kind of soulful customer we hope for.

We exist in the real world.

Of course, we’re offline too. You’ll find our experiential kiosks in gourmet stores besides the interweb. Because well, isn’t the real world where real connections are made?

Delicious Tea Flavours with all Natural Ingredients