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The Arahant

The Arahanta Teabags Collection

A supreme collection of four of our finest teas, this assortment is worth every sip. Once tasted, these teas will keep alluring you for another cup. And why not, afterall these are the choicest teas available for you from the best tea gardens across the country.

It includes:

Bodh Second Flush Black Teabags
Ikusei Cardamom Green Teabags
Kozan Spearmint Green Teabags
Wa Oolong Teabags

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Estimated Delivery in India by Thu, Nov 22, 2018.

Ships in 24 hrs.
Estimated Delivery in India by Thu, Nov 22, 2018.

Product Description


Our Gift Collection includes

Bodh Second Flush Black Tea

Inspired from the pristine air of Darjeeling, these teabags will blossom your senses. With a mellow and floral flavouring, this exquisite tea will help you refresh and rejuvenate at the same time.

Ikusei Cardamom Green Tea

What if we served you a tea which not only re-energizes you, but also nourishes you? Have it to feel the natural taste of green tea with an intoxicating flavor of cardamom.

Kozan Spearmint Green Tea

It is special because not only it rejuvenates you, but also leaves an aromatic aftertaste. While spearmint originates from the same family as that of peppermint, it has distinct flavour and fragrance and an arresting aroma.


Wa Oolong Tea

This tea represents Harmony - just a sip of the tea, and you will aesthetically feel the harmony between the weather and the gardens, tealeaves and water, green tea and black, taste and aroma, body and mind. The taste will leave you with a pleasant sense of contentment.

Our exquisite tea collections make a great gift.
All teas in our collection contain mild caffeine.
Follow the brewing instructions on each individual tea package.
Packaging Description:
Our teas are delivered to you in beautifully designed caddies inspired by the Buddhist prayer wheel.

Also choose from our customised gift wrap options specially designed to complement your festive needs.


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