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4 Seasons Tea

4 Seasons Tea

Handpicked for the tea lovers who relish and enjoy the various forms of teas- Black, White, Green and Oolong.

It includes:

Bodh Second Flush Black Tea
Reeti White Tea
Wa Oolong Tea
Ahina Green Tea

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Ships in 24 hrs.
Estimated Delivery in India by Thu, Nov 22, 2018.

Product Description


Our Gift Collection includes

Bodh Second Flush Black Tea (100 gms)
The tea has a brownish sheen with golden tips, called ‘bloom’. The liquors range from golden amber to orange in the colour spectrum. The taste is muscatel, mellow and floral.

Reeti White Tea (75 gms)
Of nature, from nature and completely true to its nature, the Reeti White Tea, named after the Sanskrit word for Natural Propensity, is nothing but the goodness of the Darjeeling mountains in a teacup.

Wa Oolong Tea (75 gms)
Our Wa Oolong has the perfect balance between the earthy green and mature black teas. When steeped, the Wa Oolong transforms into a rounded, mellow, sunny brew that has a pleasant mature taste.

Ahina Green Tea (100 gms)
Result of very gentle processing is a smooth, glistening tea that reflects the keen spirit of this special tea with a fresh, aromatic flavour that satisfies the palates of our discerning and evolved connoisseurs.

Our exquisite tea collections make a great gift.
All teas in our collection contain mild caffeine.
Follow the brewing instructions on each individual tea package.
Packaging Description:
Our teas are delivered to you in beautifully designed caddies inspired by the Buddhist prayer wheel.

Also choose from our customised gift wrap options specially designed to complement your festive needs.