About Teamonk

At Teamonk, we endeavour to maintain the legacy of the monks, in the most single-minded and disciplined manner, that would make the monks proud, if pride were an acceptable emotion for monks. 
Our teas are grown in beautiful pockets in the land of spirituality, India. Leaves are picked by the most experienced tea-pluckers. They are processed and crafted exclusively for us with extreme finesse by master craftsmen, and then curated by tea connoisseurs for the finest taste. To preserve their purity, we make sure our teas are free from oils, artificial essences or additives- just pure and natural teas. 
The five elements come together in perfect unison to make the ambrosia that will flow through you spreading a very real warmth and calm. The organic earth of our artisan farmers is nourished by fresh, pure water. The perfect tea leaves and buds that are supported by this earth are then handpicked by the experienced loving hands of tea pluckers. The curated tea leaves undergo meticulous processing and are packed in the most optimal manner and shipped to you in record time. Fire heats up the water that blends with your tea leaves to give your tea an ethereal quality that is hard to explain. Some explain it as truth and tranquility. But it may well be the fresh dew from our tea leaves. 
We are India’s first tea venture ofering exclusive quality pure and natural speciality teas sourced from the finest tea plantations in Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Arunachal and Assam. The tea selection includes exquisite quality Black, Green, Oolong and White teas curated by tea connoisseurs at Teamonk Global. Most of these teas are exported around the globe and are normally not available in India. Teamonk leverages its strategic alliance with the best tea plantations in India to exclusively source these speciality teas. 
The curated collection of Teamonk teas offers the most evolved taste experience and are delivered to you in beautifully designed caddies. Teamonk Global repositions tea as an exciting and refreshing beverage underpinned with the category benefit of looking good and feeling great.