The Tea Ardor (Spreamint + Cardamom)

The Tea Ardor (Spearmint Green Tea and Cardamom Green Tea)

Along with festivities come the zeal, zest and verve to a joyful you. And nothing can levitate these amori better than a spike of energy in your favourite brew. This collection is a must have when you need to re-energize the inner you!

It includes:

Kozan Spearmint Green Teabags
Ikusei Cardamom Green Teabags

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Ships in 24 hrs.
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Product Description

Our Gift Collection includes

Kozan Spearmint Green Teabags


A cup of Kozan Spearmint Green Tea in our easy to use pyramid tea bags, not only rejuvenates you, but also leaves an aromatic aftertaste. While spearmint originates from the same family as that of peppermint, it has distinct flavour and fragrance. Tender green tea leaves are delicately picked by the experienced hands from high elevation gardens, then meticulously blended with clean and refreshing spearmint that creates sheer magic for tea connoisseurs.

Ikusei Cardamom Green Teabags


In Zen terms, Ikusei means Nourishing life, and our cardamom infused tea does just that. The Ikusei Cardamom is a refreshing, relaxing and revitalizing tea that also stimulates metabolism and the calorie burning process. Besides infusing you with new life, this soothing tea is also great for relaxation.

Our exquisite tea collections make a great gift.
All teas in our collection contain mild caffeine.
Follow the brewing instructions on each individual tea package.
Packaging Description:
Our teas are delivered to you in beautifully designed caddies inspired by the Buddhist prayer wheel.

Also choose from our customised gift wrap options specially designed to complement your festive needs.


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