Tea Chest

Tea Chest

Our 24-carat gold plated Tea Chest is a tea connoisseurs delight and a souvenir for life. Our signature tea chest is a sophisticated presentation of our finest teas in a luxurious abode. It comes inclusive of 9 of our curated tea flavours (7 tea sachets per flavour).

An embellishment to your coffee house, boardroom or a classy complement to your chic kitchen, the tea chest takes your tea presentation beyond the ordinary. It is also appended with the right accessory - our signature sand timers to help you brew your teas perfectly.

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Ships in 24 hrs.
Estimated Delivery in India by Thu, Nov 22, 2018.

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The demeanour of our tea chest is complemented with 9 of our choicest teas in our unique pyramid teabag format:

Bodh Second Flush Black tea

The great awakening happened under the Bodhi tree for Buddha. But it could well happen to you with the Bodh Second Flush Black Tea. This exquisite Black Tea is named Bodh, which means Blossoming or Awakening for all the right reasons. The bolder leaves, picked at the peak of second flush, this tea represents one of the finest blacks.

Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea
How do you savour the perfect taste of tea for your palate - by recognizing and relishing its flavour in each and every sip, as if you just found a "hidden treasure". In Zen speak, Zoho is synonymous to treasure, and what could be a better alley to prove this than our Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea? Fresh lemongrass has a delicate, floral rose-like fragrance mixed with a fresh and grassy aroma, and has high anti-oxidant properties.

Reeti White Tea
Of nature, from nature and completely true to its nature, the Reeti White Tea, named after the Sanskrit word for Natural Propensity, is nothing but the goodness of the Darjeeling mountains in a teacup. The organic and bio-dynamic method of farming enhances the inherent virtues of the leaf infusing it with the richness of nature, justifying the name Reeti meaning Technique.

Seiki Peppermint Green Tea
Acclaimed for the high essential oil content, combine the fresh peppermint leaves with the purest and freshest of the green tea derived from Nilgiris and your energising cup of good health is ready. Sip into the pure, aromatic and unique tea experience. A lot of thought and effort has been put together to design this magical potion by perfectly blending the green tea and wellness elements of elevating peppermint. Boost your natural immune system and treat your senses with this tea!

Sozen Orange Green Tea
A tea, which is nothing but the pureness of orange in the most natural green tea, is what our Sozen Orange Green Tea is all about. In Zen terms, "Sozen" means "Genuine" and this tea is a true testament of the our tea leaves which are picked at the peak of flavour and then blended with the natural dehydrated Orange peel. Orange when combined with green tea makes it a strong antioxidant with a great citrus taste & freshness.

Taizen Cinnamon Green Tea
Like a mist that settles down slowly in the crack of dawn in the Nilgiri hills that produce this fine tea, one feels a wondrous calm settle down on body and mind with this delicious Cinnamon infused green tea, giving it the perfect nomenclature Taizen, Which in Zen speak means gradually advancing calm.

Wa Oolong Tea
Wa, the Zen word for Harmony, describes this Oolong with great precision. Harmony between the weather and the gardens, tea leaves and water, green tea and black, taste and aroma, body and mind, are embodied in this tea. Picked from 6,400 ft. above sea level, this fine tea has a colourful motley of leaves ranging from silver to copper to olive to chocolate, all blending into a harmonious hue.

Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea
All that is broken can be fixed. All that is ailing can be healed - the leading principle with which we make the Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea. Yakuso, meaning the Healing Source in Zen philosophy, is apt for this tea that contains the holy Basil leaf, a sacred herb in India full of healing power. Combine with it the freshest and purest green tea from the Nilgiris, and your cup of magic is ready!

Koge Jasmine Green Tea
What if there was a magic potion which combined the benefits of green tea, and the delightful aroma of natural jasmine? Have you felt fragrance permeate the space around you and fill you with a joy that melts your stress away? If you haven’t, you must try our Koge Jasmine Green tea. The scent of positivity from Koge, which means Fragrance in Zen, will brighten the darkest of days. This tea's deliciously sweet floral aroma is created through an artisanal natural process. Jasmine blossoms, collected at their peak season, are mixed amongst tea leaves and removed only after the tea has completely absorbed their fragrance.


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Tea chest

"Yet to come across such an exquisite collection of fine teas packed in such an attractive manner"



Lovely Gift!

""I've ordered twice, Both for gifts and both times the outcome has been great. Both absolutely LOVED their gifts! :)""



Super Awesome

"it just cant get better ."



Very classy and premium gifting product

"Very classy and premium gifting product"







Very classy and premium

"This tea chest looks extremely premium and classy. I love the gold look and it definitely appears upmarket when serving teas to guests at home. This is my coffee table must now!"



Best gift for almost every occasion

"Best gift product"




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