Glow Folio

Glow Folio

Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil soul. Our range of Tea Folio is designed to enable you in your journey towards wellness.

Each Tea folio is a reminiscence of a scroll used in the past and deliver the natural proposition of teas. Carved out of pure wood our tea folios are the perfect souvenir to deliver our soulful, natural teas.

Our Tea Folios are beautifully designed wood engraved scrolls, handcrafted and then complemented with the right teas to address the very essence of tea consumption.

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Azaya Rose Green Tea
A serene unification of the purest green tea leaves from Arunachal and organic rose petals from Jaipur, this tea is grown using Vrikshayurveda - the most ancient and natural plant science. Drink this tea to truly experience the environment in which it was plucked and produced. What's in the name, you ask? The thoughtfulness that has gone into making these leaves, which in all fairness, justifies the name "Azaya" its Sanskrit synonym!

Reeti White Tea
Of nature, from nature and completely true to its nature, the Reeti White Tea, named after the Sanskrit word for Natural Propensity, is nothing but the goodness of the Darjeeling mountains in a teacup. The organic and bio-dynamic method of farming enhances the inherent virtues of the leaf infusing it with the richness of nature, justifying the name Reeti meaning Technique.

Sei White Tea
Sei, meaning purity in Zen philosophy, reflects cleanliness and orderliness in the physical and the spiritual. Our white tea from Nilgiris is most befitting of this name due to its subtle flavour and experience that require a stillness of mind and environment to appreciate in its entirety.

Tennen Silver Tips White Tea
There is no better name for this exquisite tea than Tennen, a word that epitomises Nature in Zen philosophy. This gourmet white tea is hand cured from tender buds plucked from earmarked clones. It is a precious and delicate tea characterised by the fine white hues on the leaf. The buds that have basked in the winter sun emanate a natural flavour leaving a pleasant aftertaste.


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