Detox Folio

Detox Folio

Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil soul. Our range of Tea Folio is designed to enable you in your journey towards wellness.

Each Tea folio is a reminiscence of a scroll used in the past and deliver the natural proposition of teas. Carved out of pure wood our tea folios are the perfect souvenir to deliver our soulful, natural teas.

Our Tea Folios are beautifully designed wood engraved scrolls, handcrafted and then complemented with the right teas to address the very essence of tea consumption.

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Taido Ginger Green Tea (25 grams)
Being a popular spice, ginger is also famous for its medicinal properties and therapeutic qualities. An absolute delight, this tea is lovingly picked and delicately blended with the right amount of ginger to create the gentle balance of taste and aroma, synonymous to its name, Taido, which means ‘gentle’. When you need to revitalize your senses, a cup of Taido Ginger Green Tea is on your must-have list.

Taizen Cinnamon Green Tea (25 grams)
Like a mist that settles down slowly in the crack of dawn in the Nilgiri hills that produce this fine tea, one feels a wondrous calm settle down on body and mind with this delicious Cinnamon infused green tea, giving it the perfect nomenclature Taizen, Which in Zen speak means gradually advancing calm.

Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea (25 grams)
All that is broken can be fixed. All that is ailing can be healed - the leading principle with which we make the Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea. Yakuso, meaning the Healing Source in Zen philosophy, is apt for this tea that contains the holy Basil leaf, a sacred herb in India full of healing power. Combine with it the freshest and purest green tea from the Nilgiris, and your cup of magic is ready!

Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea (25 grams)
How do you savour the perfect taste of tea for your palate - by recognizing and relishing its flavour in each and every sip, as if you just found a "hidden treasure". In Zen speak, Zoho is synonymous to treasure, and what could be a better alley to prove this than our Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea? Fresh lemongrass has a delicate, floral rose-like fragrance mixed with a fresh and grassy aroma, and has high anti-oxidant properties.


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