Navras Teas

Navras Teas

Take one step each day towards the festive season with our ‘Navras Teas’. A collection of 9 teas, to symbolise 9 emotions, this is all you need when you’re whelmed in the joy of the festivities!.

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Ships in 24 hrs.
Estimated Delivery in India by Thu, Nov 22, 2018.

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Koge Jasmine Green Tea (25 grams)
This tea's deliciously sweet floral aroma is created through an artisanal natural process, which is nothing but pure jasmine buds.

Bodh Second Flush Black Tea (25 grams)
With leaves that are bolder with more sap and tannin, these are the freshest picks of the second flush.

Wa Oolong Tea (25 grams)
Harmony between the weather and the gardens, tea leaves and water, green tea and black, taste and aroma, body and mind, is embodied in this tea.

Reeti White Tea (25 grams)
The delicate ‘Pak Ho’ buds and tender leaves, of nature, and from nature, this tea is nothing but the goodness of the Darjeeling Mountains in a teacup.

Kozan Spearmint Green Tea (25 grams)
Tender green tea leaves are delicately picked by the experienced hands from high elevation gardens, then meticulously blended with clean and refreshing spearmint that creates sheer magic for tea connoisseurs.

Ikusei Cardamom Green Tea (25 grams)
This is a refreshing, relaxing and revitalizing tea that also stimulates metabolism and the calorie burning process. Besides infusing you with new life, this soothing tea is also great for relaxation.

Seiki Peppermint Green Tea (25 grams)
Peppermint Green Tea is widely loved for its refreshing after taste besides ability to boost healthy digestion. It is also acclaimed for the high essential oil content.

Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea (25 grams)
With a delicate, floral rose-like fragrance mixed with fresh and grassy aroma, and high anti-oxidant properties this tea has a mildly tannic flavour, and subtle hints of lemon that complements to any occasion.

Dravak Golden Tips Black Tea (25 grams)
This classic legendary golden tips tea exudes brightness with a golden coppery colour, smooth malty character, robust flavour and a refreshing taste that lingers long after drinking, making the magic last a while.


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