The Vistara Teabag Collection

The Vistara Teabags Collection

Inspired from the  word Vistara meaning "infinite", this collection is a bonafide for the stupendous savor this selection has to offer.


It includes:

  • Bodh Second Flush Green Tea
  • Ahina Long Leaf Green Tea
  • Wa Oolong Tea
  • Ikusei Cardamom Green Tea
  • Taizen Cinnamon Green Tea
  • Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea
  • Koge Jasmine Green Tea
  • Taido Ginger Green Tea
  • Seiki Peppermint Green Tea
  • Kozan Spearmint Green Tea


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Ships in 24 hrs.
Estimated Delivery in India by Tue, Nov 20, 2018.

Product Description

Our gift collection includes:

Bodh Second Flush Black Tea (10 teabags)
Inspired from the pristine air of Darjeeling, the name "Bodh" signifies "Blossoming or Awakening" just the way these tea leaves will blossom your senses. With a mellow and floral flavouring, this exquisite tea will help you refresh and


Ahina Long Leaf Green Tea (10 teabags)
Handpicked by tea connoisseurs from Darjeeling and named with great precision, Ahina, signifies “Whole and Complete”, just like its long leaves. Until brewed, this tea preserves its long leaves, and then gives way to beautiful skin, and an uplifted spirit.

Wa Oolong Tea (10 teabags)
Specially picked from highlands of Niligiris, this tea represents Harmony, synonymous to its name “Wa”. Just a sip of the tea, and you will aesthetically feel the harmony between the weather and the gardens, tealeaves and water, green tea and black, taste and aroma, body and mind. The taste will leave you with a pleasant sense of contentment.

Ikusei Cardamom Green Tea (10 teabags)
What if we served you a tea which not only re-energizes you, but also nourishes you? Sourced directly from the highlands of Nilgiris, our Ikusei tea justifies it name in Zen (meaning Nourishment). Have it to feel the natural taste of green tea with an intoxicating flavor of cardamom.

Taizen Cinnamom Green Tea (10 teabags)
A pure handmade green tea picked from the freshest leaves and lightly spiced in perfect proportions with pieces of natural Cinnamon will leave you feeling more alert and focused yet calm and relaxed with a depth of flavour unlike any other.

Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea (10 teabags)
Enriched with the holy Tulsi leaves, this tea is a bonafide of “Healing Source”, congruent to the Zen name “Yakuso”. With a refreshing pungent flavour of Tulsi combined with green tea, not only you get an enchanting taste, but also a day full of energy, rejuvenation and spruce.

Koge Jasmine Green Tea (10 teabags)
This tea's deliciously sweet floral aroma is created through an artisanal natural process. Jasmine blossoms, collected at their peak season, are mixed amongst tea leaves and removed only after the tea has completely absorbed their fragrance.

Taido Ginger Green Tea (10 teabags)
It is an interesting blend of health and taste in with high antioxidants content. Regular intake of green tea is good for health. It takes another interesting twist when it is clubbed with the enriching flavour of ginger. This combination is sure to become the preferred drink to your palate.

Seiki Peppermint Green Tea (10 teabags)
Crafted from the cool leaves of mentha x piperita, more commonly known as peppermint, this uplifting Seiki (which means vital energy in Zen) Peppermint Green Tea is widely loved for its refreshing after taste besides ability to boost healthy digestion.

Kozan Spearmint Green Tea (10 teabags)
It is special because not only it rejuvenates you, but also leaves an aromatic aftertaste. While spearmint originates from the same family as that of peppermint, it has distinct flavour and fragrance and an arresting aroma.


All teas in our collection contain mild caffeine
Follow the brewing instructions on each individual tea package.



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